Hairspray opens tonight at Road Theatre Business. Artistic Director and company founder Cathy Sanborn Street satisfied with me at the venue to discuss the show, as nicely as the business's history and long term.The fascinating thing right here is you have people from Somalia, Kosovo, Taiwan, India, and they're all creating books about their own enc… Read More

Everybody likes to sport their own distinctive fashion. And, what better way than to sport a cool tee with your slogan or chosen picture on it. Yes, these days you can make customized t-shirts with your chosen design and print. Different techniques are used to print on your t-shirt. You will be amazed as soon as you arrive across the various styles… Read More

Many plane phobias grow out of the media's spectacular coverage of an airline crash with pictures and graphic descriptions of maimed bodies and horrible destruction.Tyra Banking institutions was rejected by 4 out of 5 companies and hardly made it via the fifth door. Also turned down at 1 time or another were Cindy Crawford and most of the other sup… Read More

James Cameron is particularly good at making stories that extend believability to the breaking point. His take on the Alien franchise, Aliens, uses the environment a great deal like Ridley Scott did in the first film. It is set in a claustrophobic area that feels more like a prison and heightens the feeling of hazard. Cameron's cast of figures feel… Read More